It’s not just a surveying exercise


Social Housing Landlords have a duty of care under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to manage asbestos in all communal areas within their portfolios (pre-2000 builds only). They must also carry out intrusive asbestos surveys prior to any refurbishment or maintenance work which may interfere with the fabric of a property.

Additionally, Social Landlords must comply with a range of other regulations such as the Defective Premises Act 1972. This has led many to carry out Management Surveys of individual domestic properties (generally at least 10% of their stock) to gain a better understanding of the overall risk of asbestos to tenants, staff and contractors.







It’s not just a surveying exercise

MSS Consulting has worked with Social Housing Landlords since 2005. Asbestos Management has moved on significantly since then and the role of the asbestos consultant has changed. Landlords now have huge amounts of asbestos data (some good, some bad), which they must understand and manage effectively. Whilst new surveys are still required frequently – usually prior to property refurbishment works, the main focus is now how to manage new and old data.

Effective Data Management

All social housing landlords do things differently. Some require the asbestos consultant to learn and use their own asset management tools; some need support and guidance in best practice, and some need a complete solution. MSS has and does offer all of the above. We have even seconded asbestos administrators into our clients businesses to improve data management. We have also invested heavily in our own bespoke asbestos management tool – MSS Live, and our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in the management of asbestos data.

A One Stop Shop

Our clients receive a better, faster service by using MSS. We are both UKAS accredited consultants and HSE licensed asbestos removal contractors.