bbsp5bbsp1Bristol and Bath Science Park is a modern, spacious, vibrant environment located at Emerson’s Green, Bristol. Every area of the park is designed to support businesses with comfortable break-out spaces, conference rooms; high-spec office space and research laboratories. The Central Forum provides a bright and airy central space to eat, meet and network.

The Challenge: Is to maintain the highest quality standard of cleaning to ensure the park looks as good as it did on the day it opened. The high specification finish of the flooring, furniture and glass walls present specific challenges and require specialist knowledge and cleaning products.

The Solution : MSS commissioned a “Cleaning Survey” of the site from a qualified Chemical Engineer to review the cleaning chemicals used. He undertook a full appraisal comprising dilution rates, effectiveness and impact on the environment.

His key recommendation was to implement a new range of cleaning products as these would give better cleaning standards and results.

An important feature of the new range is that it provides specific chemicals for each area of the site e.g. office areas, bathrooms, kitchens.

We supported the introduction of the new cleaning products with staff training. The colour-coding and label design ensure that the products are used for their correct application. This simplifies staff training whereby staff select the correct product for a task simply by looking at the product’s colour.

The new product range has been very well received on site and the client has praised the high quality of cleaning.

MSS commissions an annual cleaning survey of our sites to ensure that we are continually improving the service we provide to our clients.


The Result: New cleaning chemicals, equipment and training all encouraged the staff to take greater ownership and pride in their work. This has resulted in the highest quality standards of cleaning, well motivated staff and a very satisfied client.