Providing technical services to a global manufacturing client

Project Particulars

Client: A Global Electronics Manufacturer

Timeframe: 36 hours non-stop

Resource Provided: 18 specialist technicians

The Challenge

Electronics manufacturing is a complex environment. Continual processes and just in time deliveries with tight inventories mean that no delay, however small, is acceptable.

The challenge was to overcome a biological fouling issue on a large chilled water circuit.  This was creating significant failure rates due to blockages and filter blinding.  An added challenge was that this had to be carried out on line- no shutdown was permissible.

The Solution

Using extensive testing both externally and on site, the nature of the problem was confirmed.  High molecular weight biocides and sequesterants were circulated, and tested during this phase.  These were bled out and a post treatment inhibitor and long term biocide added.  External UKAS testing confirmed the absence of microbiological activity.

The Result

With close client communication and good supply chain management, MSS was able to provided a bespoke solution to fit our clients’ needs. The project was delivered on-time and within budget.  Mean time between failure has improved immeasurably since the system was installed.