Industry Innovation: Asbestos Sweeper

The Problem: One of our Defence clients were faced with the issue of asbestos cement degradation from roof and wall panels on a large military storage site. Additionally, moss contaminated with chrysotile was being blown from roofs, and picked-off by seagulls, which was then being picked-up on the wheels and tracks of vehicles.

The Solution: Normally, when dealing with asbestos contamination like this, asbestos operatives would clean the area using industry standard HEPA Filter Vacuum (H-Vac) cleaners. However, because of the size of the area in question this solution would not be efficient or cost effective. Our solution was to retro-fit a road sweeper with a HEPA filter & Negative Pressure Unit, and design a safe process for collection and decanting asbestos waste and for exchange of filters. Both the design and the controlled process were approved by the HSE.

The Process

The Benefits