MSS was commissioned to carry out asbestos decontamination works in several plant rooms, pump rooms and corridors to enable safe access and maintenance works. Contamination was largely in the form of thermal insulation residue to walls, floors, ceilings and pipework. Generally we find this type of contamination in areas where historic removal works have taken place prior to changes in the Control of Asbestos regulations, but it is high risk and often causes significant issues because it can be easily disturbed.

There was a significant emphasis on minimising operational disruption, therefore, this was a key focus point in planning the project. Good planning, communication and co-operation with the clients site based staff enabled the project to be delivered with little or no impact on site operations. We utilised a team of 5 security cleared operatives including supervision over a 4 week timeframe.

The team encounter issues with water seeping into the lower areas because of broken sump pumps, but were able to install a temporary pump to maintain the integrity of the asbestos enclosures.

Each area was successfully cleared by the clients analyst on the first attempt, enabling reoccupation within the agreed timeframe.