The largest liquefied natural gas terminal in Europe, that provides the UK with a significant proportion of its natural gas requirements. MSS manage dry, food, hazardous and recyclable waste at South Hook LNG and are committed to maximising environmental performance whilst minimising the cost to the client.

MSS has worked with South Hook LNG for over 7 years and take care of:
“¢ Waste Management
“¢ Water Treatment
“¢ Building Maintenance
“¢ Office Cleaning
“¢ Industrial Cleaning
“¢ Window Cleaning



Scottish and Southern Energy transmits electricity and distributes electricity and gas, and has 10 million customers in the UK. SSE’s Uskmouth power station is a coal fired plant in South Wales that can power 360,000 homes and this station employs 90 people.

MSS has worked with Scottish and Southern  for 6 years and take care of:
“¢ Industrial Cleaning
“¢ Office Cleaning
“¢ Window Cleaning
“¢ Asbestos Consultancy



A global provider of food and facilities management on-site services, for clients in the education, healthcare, leisure and defence sectors.

MSS has worked with Sodexo for 4 years and take care of:
“¢ Total Water Treatment
“¢ Legionella Management
“¢ Asbestos Consultancy
“¢ Asbestos Removal

“The Sodexo team at St Athan have many years’ experience of service providers. If these suppliers were put in a list of best to worst, MSS would certainly be towards the top, if not at the very top.”
BB, Site Manager, Sodexo


SCA is a global manufacturer of tissue, personal care products, paper products and packaging. It operates world-wide and has 4 UK sites in the North West of England and South Wales.

MSS has worked on the UK SCA sites for 11 years and take care of:
“¢ Security Services
“¢ Office Cleaning
“¢ Industrial Cleaning



A large housing association with 15,000 domestic properties. They are responsible for modernising all their properties under the “˜Decent Home’ initiative and contracted MSS to undertake the removal of licensed and non-licensed asbestos.

MSS has worked with Plymouth Community Homes for 8 years
and take care of:
“¢ Asbestos removal in up to 15,000 properties

“MSS consistently meet our needs and I genuinely feel they put our company first.”
DH, Contract Surveyor, Plymouth Community Homes



Formed in 2011 from the transfer of housing stock from Neath Port Talbot Council, NPT Homes have 9,000 domestic properties, all requiring refurbishment in line with WHQS requirements.

MSS has worked with Neath Port Talbot Homes for 4 years and take care of:
“¢ Asbestos surveys to 3,000 of NPT Homes’ properties



A world leader in advanced power management technology and the manufacture of semi-conductors for the aerospace, defence, automotive, computing and communications industries.

MSS has worked with International Rectifiers for 5 years and take care of:
“¢ Total Water Treatment and Analysis
“¢ Legionella Control
“¢ Cooling Towers Cleaning
“¢ Management of the Closed Circuit Water Systems Operation
“¢ Chemical Treatment



A nuclear power station facility providing energy for 1.5 million homes in the UK. MSS provides on-site services to assist EDF Energy with health and safety compliance to A and B stations, and is supporting the groundworks for the new Hinkley Point C plant.

MSS has worked with EDF for 7 years and take care of:
“¢ Water Treatment, Cleaning & Disinfection
“¢ Legionella Control & Monitoring
“¢ Asbestos Consultancy



A global leader in chemical manufacture, silicones and silicon-based technology. Dow Corning’s UK base in Barry, South Wales, is one of the largest of Dow’s manufacturing sites worldwide and the most technologically advanced manufacturing site of its kind in the world. The UK site employs 600 people and is a COMAH Tier 1 security site, requiring optimum security.

MSS have worked with Dow Corning for 11 years and take care of:
“¢ Security Services
“¢ Office Cleaning
“¢ Industrial Cleaning
“¢ Window Cleaning
“¢ Waste Management
“¢ Reception Duties



BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, is a fast-growing media and entertainment company. MSS have worked with the BBC for 9 years on various contracts including BBC’s Dr Who Experience visitor attraction in Cardiff Bay.

MSS take care of:
“¢ Security Services
“¢ Cleaning
“¢ Window Cleaning



A leading, global engineering and construction firm.

MSS has worked with Balfour Beatty for 6 years and take care of:
“¢ Legionella Control & Monitoring
“¢ Cleaning & Disinfection
“¢ Legionella Training

“In comparison to other service providers we use now, MSS are clearly the most committed to our business.”
BJ, SHEQ Advisor, Balfour Beatty Workplace



The sixth largest regulated water and sewerage company in England and Wales, responsible for providing over 3 million people with a continuous, high quality supply of drinking water and for taking away, treating and properly disposing of the wastewater that is produced.

MSS has worked with Welsh Water for 5 years and take care of:
“¢ Asbestos Removal
“¢ Asbestos Consultancy

“MSS are always willing to listen and offer advice regarding the smallest issues. Their reporting and data is always delivered on time and they are prepared to accommodate and deliver 24 hours a day.”
JP, Asbestos Manager, DWR Cymru Welsh Water