Dismantling and stripping four fume scrubber towers

Project Particulars

Client: A Global Electronics Manufacturer

Timeframe: 48 hours non-stop

Resource Provided: 18specialist technicians, onsite management, welfare


The Challenge

Electronics manufacturing is a complex environment. Continual processes and just in time deliveries with tight inventories mean that no delay, however small, is acceptable.

The challenge was to dismantle and strip four fume scrubber towers as pictured, clean each and then repack.  This was to be carried out over a very short plant shutdown of 48 hours during Christmas, necessitating a round the clock solution.

The Solution

Three teams, all confined spaces trained, working round the clock disposed of over 20 tonnes of scrubber infill.  The systems were then cleaned and rebuilt, with new packing, bespoke to the units.

The Result

With close client communication and good supply chain management, MSS will provided a bespoke solution to fit our clients’ needs. Delivered on-time with 3hrs to spare and within budget.  All parties had a well deserved Christmas.