Gender Pay Gap Report

MSS are pleased to advise the reporting of our gender pay gap figures, for year 3.  These are being presented several months earlier than the planned date of April 2020.

We are required to report this information under The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Currently the national gender pay gap in the UK – released by ONS – stands at just over 18%,

We are pleased to advise that the gender pay gap for MSS is considerably less than the UK average at a rate of 7.31%, down on our result from last year and we are committed to reducing the gender pay gap further.

Key Statistics

2017 2018 2019
Mean Gender Pay Gap 12.3% 11.75% 7.31%
Median Pay Gap 3.8% 7.88% 10.46%
Mean Bonus Pay Gap 96.22% 94.37% 74.11%
Median Bonus Pay Gap 70% 81.86% 40%
Proportion of males receiving bonus 4.7% 7.04% 7.14%
Proportion of females receiving bonus 2.9% 9.9% 4.76%

The results show that our mean gender pay gap results have improved on last year.  There is still a difference in bonus payments, but this gap has reduced significantly on the previous year.

We believe that the changes to the percentages are caused predominantly down to two reasons:

  • Increase in National Living Wage, but at some site locations, the differentials have not been maintained and this is closing the gap between different roles with different pay rates.
  • Further to this we successfully acquired some new contracts, predominantly male orientated and due to skill and technical level of the employees they earn slightly more and this has had an impact on some of our statistics.

Salary Quartiles

Males Females Total in Band % Males % Females
Quartile 1 £8.25 or less 88 62 150 59% 41%
Quartile 2 £8.26 – £9.47 62 16 78 79% 21%
Quartile 3 £9.48 – £11.12 69 13 82 84% 16%
Quartile 4 £11.13 or above 61 14 75 81% 19%

As this is the 3rd year of carrying out the gender pay gap audit, we will continue to work on the following:

  • Improved family friendly policies
  • Review of pay structure and bandings
  • Review of development opportunities for female employees
  • Provide opportunity to discuss how we can reduce the gender pay gap

We are committed to making a change for the better and look forward to the next review.