Waste Management

Practical. Technical. Effective.
We provide a comprehensive on-site waste management service, working with many large industrial clients, such as Dow Corning and the Qatargas South Hook LNG site. We apply practical solutions and technical advice for single waste streams, all the way up to large scale project management and support.

This includes:
• Dealing with general waste, food, hazardous and recyclable waste (cardboard, pallets, glass, plastics) and waste electrical items.
• Managing hazardous waste safely and securely, utilising our robust systems and procedures, and drawing on the skills and experience of our team.
• Providing a suitably qualified and trained on-site resource to manage, monitor, collect, dispose and report on waste and recycling services.
• Taking responsibility as the main point of contact on-site for waste management.
• Providing waste containment on-site, and liaising with and arranging the provision of appropriate waste containment to staff and contractors.
• Assisting in designing new waste and recycling collection points, and improving existing locations of the collection points to make it as easy and effective as possible to recycle on site.
• Monitoring waste containment facilities to determine emptying requirements and ensure emptying is carried out at a frequency and time suitable for the client.
• Undertaking waste management inspections and audits.
• Recording waste data movements in line with ‘Duty of Care’ requirements.
• Providing waste management reports and reviews.
• Giving technical advice to ensure continuous improvement, helping clients meet and exceed their waste management and recycling targets.
• Maximising environmental performance while minimising costs to clients.

Individual solutions for exacting requirements

We have the competencies and experience to provide legally and environmentally compliant total waste and recycling management solutions. Flexible, long-term solutions come from looking at clients’ requirements individually, and proposing ideas specific to their needs. Our approach is based on a sound waste management philosophy, which focuses on the waste hierarchy and ensures environmental and cost issues are effectively managed.

Maximising environmental performance, minimising costs
We’re committed to maximising environmental performance while minimising costs, and recovering value from some of the more unusual waste streams. Our focus is on delivering waste services that reflect the waste hierarchy – extracting optimal practical benefits from products to generate the minimum amount of waste. We promote recycling, re-use, recovery and, as a last resort, final disposal. Through our innovative approach and technical expertise we aim to arrive at a ‘waste-free’ solution. We also work with clients to help them understand where waste arises in their processes, and where service improvements can be made. The greatest savings are always associated with waste reduction, followed by waste re-use and recycling.

A flexible and progressive approach for South Hook LNG

The South Hook LNG Terminal, part of the Qatargas 2 integrated value chain, is the largest liquefied natural gas re-gasification terminal in Europe. This terminal provides the UK with a significant proportion of its natural gas requirements. Our waste management service for South Hook LNG is highly flexible and progressive – different from those offered by traditional waste management companies, which are characterised by the periodic emptying of collection bins. We help ensure South Hook LNG comply with ever-increasing regulation and we advise and support them in the most appropriate and cost-effective methods of managing their waste, in line with best environmental practice and with the aim of minimising the waste going to landfill. We manage food, dry, hazardous and recyclable waste at South Hook LNG. We have reduced hazardous waste, improved recycling and monitored and increased the segregation of waste to reduce cross-contamination.