Compliant hot works within a boiler room

Project Particularsrch

Client: Royal Conwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Timeframe:  2 weeks


Scope of work

To undertake removal of asbestos insulation residue & debris from walls, floor, ceiling and various pipework and mechanical equipment.

Objective: make the area safe to access and for routine maintenance work to be undertaken.




  • Hot works >32°C
  • Unable to switch either of the two boilers off as these service the main hospital including the operating theatres
  • Asbestos debris and residue throughout boiler room (BR) including beneath modern non asbestos insulation
  • Access to BR is via corridor which is accessed 24hours for Scanning department including emergency assessment. i.e. need to maintain access including room for beds.
  • BR is mix of old and new equipment and pipework – in some areas this is tight


  • Short term shift working 15mins in, 45mins out [of enclosure] – hydration packs and cooling area provided.
  • Air cooling units pumping air into the enclosure – this is a challenge in itself as we are introducing positive pressure, whilst maintaining negative pressure
  • Old insulation stripped and new applied immediately in sections to try and maintain reduced temperature
  • BR cleaned in segments so that the Air lock could be inside the units leaving corridor clear for access
  • Vents opened to external of building for NPU and Coolers using adjacent store and riser access