The Challenge
Local authorities have to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, preceding commencing any refurbishment to public properties. The asbestos needs to be correctly managed and the appropriate people informed.

The Project
MSS were appointed, by a local authority to remove the asbestos from a classroom and hallway of a primary school in Bristol. The work was planned to enable refurbishment to take place during the summer holidays, after the asbestos removal was completed. The timescale was tight, as the refurbishment needed to be completed by September, for the pupils to return to school as normal. The team used specific techniques to carefully remove the asbestos within the rooms for the refurbishment to commence. CCTV was used to monitor the staff and check they were safe.

Working in Partnership
By working closely with the client from the outset of the project, we helped to formulate an effective methodology.
We also worked with a HSE licenced scaffolder. The ceiling to be remediated was seven meters high. To allow visual access from below, the scaffolding was designed with incorporated viewing panels.

Our challenges are seldom limited to the technical. Good communication was key to the success of the project. We liaised with the teachers, prior to removal works, to ensure whiteboards, equipment and any sensitive information, were relocated. Our careful planning and experience allowed us to complete this job safely and within the allocated time frame.