The Challenge
MSS provided independent, non-biased air monitoring for a project management company at their brownfield site in Rygby. Brownfield sites are a stretches of land which are potentially contaminated with asbestos. This is due to historic demolition of buildings, without prior asbestos removal and poor waste disposal.

Common materials found in contaminated soils are:
“¢ Asbestos cement
“¢ Asbestos insulating board
“¢ Asbestos insulation
“¢ Asbestos rope

Whilst land remediation of the soil was taking place, routine air tests and personal monitoring needed to be carried out. The unusual challenge here was regarding the weather. Whilst the weather was dry, to prevent the dust spreading, bowsers with fans sprayed water. Covers were built to protect the pumps from rain.

Airborne asbestos is the most dangerous, MSS has UKAS accredited, BOHS P403 and P404 qualified asbestos air-testers.

Working in Partnership
Tied in with this service, we have an in-house UKAS-accredited laboratory to analyse samples of possible asbestos containing materials. MSS also specialise in asbestos remediation of contaminated soils.

To ensure the highest quality, monthly fibre quality checks are carried out and the participation of the Regular Interlaboratory Counting Exchange scheme is partaken quarterly. The analysts carry out monthly re-checks on operational slides, including all clearance slides then 1 in 20 for all other slides.