Our Communities

Our Communities

At MSS we truly believe that by supporting the local community we can make a difference. We work with local and national charities, and we support local people through employment and training opportunities, giving people a route back into work.

Charity Support

MSS is a proud member of Business in the Community Cymru and part of the Princes Responsible Business Network.

We support and raise funds for our corporate charity - Llamau - and our local chosen charities Cardiff City Hospice, Velindre Cancer Centre, Ty Hafan, and Tyisha Foodbank.

Cardiff Rugby

MSS is a Principal Partner of Cardiff Rugby club. Our sponsorship and involvement with the club enables MSS to make a positive contribution to the places where we work and where our colleagues live. Supporting our local rugby region, who we know are such an integral part of the community in the work that they do and the joy they bring to so many, is something we are immensely proud of.

Our Communities

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