The Challenge
As the economy picks up there is renewed activity in the construction sector. The easier to build on parcels of land are becoming exhausted. Planning processes are pushing developers towards Brownfield sites that require remediation. Remediation costs have increased relentlessly as an outcome of The Landfill Directive and the reducing numbers of available hazardous waste disposal facilities which impact on programmes. The challenge is to achieve successful remediation in a cost effective, compliant and timely manner.

The Project
New housing was planned for a site in Devon where a school was demolished approximately ten years ago. Housing overlooked on all sides. Contaminated material had to be safely removed to enable the site to be developed for the new housing scheme. Asbestos was contained in stock piles of contaminated soil and an asbestos contaminated concrete slab remained in situ.

Working in Partnership
Working closely with our client from the outset of the project, we helped to formulate an effective methodology for remediating the site. Our experienced staff undertook a visual inspection of the stock piled soil, removing contaminated material. Gravimetric samples were then taken to ensure that soil did not exceed the 0.1% threshold for hazardous waste. Due to the level of contamination from the concrete slab, work was undertaken in fully controlled enclosures and a clear exclusion zone was created on site. The slab was safely cut and removed, and a 100mm surface scrape undertaken.

Our challenges are seldom limited to the technical. Good communication with our client was key to the success of the project.