The Challenge
Sustainability has added to the assessment of risks to health, water, buildings and the wider environment for the management of contaminated land. The previous and future land use and site context will be different for each remediation project. The challenge is to achieve successful remediation in a cost effective, compliant and timely manner.

Our Methodology
Handpicking proved to be the most cost effective solution for the bulk of the asbestos as the alternative was to treat the soil as hazardous waste. Handpicked soil samples were subjected to gravimetric analysis until they contained less than 0.1% asbestos. Trial pits and ground-penetrating radar equipment located the viceroy pipe and an enclosure was set up. Reassurance and personal air-monitoring were carried out. The material was paper, therefore fibre release was low and the rest of the pipe removed under semi-controlled conditions, saving money and time.

The Project
The former RAF site, was to be remediated for housing development. Three types of asbestos material were present . Our scope included: wetting, handpicking viable surface contamination; the excavation of an asbestos insulating board hotspot and the removal of Viceroy pipe work.

The Complete Service
MSS provide a tailored package of work for each land remediation project. Working closely with clients to design a solution that is fit for purpose, reducing cost, time and environmental impacts.