The Challenge
With industrial processes becoming increasingly complex, small failures in key equipment can effect the operation of a whole plant. Therefore, reliability and availability have become key issues, since any failure can have a serious consequences for a business. It is not practical or economic to shut down key production process for extended periods of time, and consequently, maintenance and cleaning activities have to be undertaken quickly, accurately and, above all, safely.

The Project
Our client is a semi conductor wafer manufacturer, who had a small window of opportunity to bring all their fume scrubbers off line. In two days, the existing filtrate had to be removed, the scrubbers thoroughly cleaned and new filtrate installed.

Our objective was to complete the work within the timescale, safely and deliver a solution that improved the process and performance of a plant.

Managing Risk
Complex industrial cleaning projects contain significant hazardous. Chemical residues and aerosols may cause acute irritation to skin and airways. Working in confined spaces represent significant risk of asphyxiation, or loss of life through fire and explosion, and the risk of drowning and exposure to hot conditions.

Planning, logistics and communication are key to the successful delivery of complex maintenance projects. As are, risk assessments to identify:
“¢ Control measures;
“¢ Competence and training;
“¢ Instruction and supervision work;
“¢ The right tools and equipment.
“¢ The Complete Service

MSS provide a turnkey package of work for our industrial clients. We work closely with clients, to understand their needs, and to design a solution that is fit for purpose, reducing cost, saving time and minimising environmental impacts.