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MOD Lyneham - Construction of a large enclosure

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Asbestos Removal


Whilst all enclosures are designed with the same principal elements, large enclosures like the kind shown here constructed in readiness for decontamination of an aircraft hangar require additional considerations and planning.

In the initial phase of construction after the site compound is secured - asbestos removal operatives need to build a bag and air lock large enough to enable a high volume of air to be drawn into the enclosure under negative pressure, wide enough to be able to enable high volumes of waste to be removed from the enclosure, and to be sturdy enough to prevent collapse when in use in inclement weather.

In order to create negative pressure in an enclosure of this size, it requires many Negative Pressure Units (in this case 50 units), and in turn requires a stable, high voltage power supply. Usually as was the case here, we bring in our own power supplies to achieve this, which also prevents any disruption to power being used elsewhere on the site.

Structurally the enclosure wall is designed and checked by a structural engineer before our operatives begin work, and is designed to enable us to "flip" our equipment to the clean side once the first half of the hangar has been decontaminated. We can then progress with decontaminating the second half of the hangar without additional time or wastage of materials though needing to build a new 'wall'. All porous building materials are covered with Poly, including brickwork to prevent any contamination.

The number and size of decontamination units must be sufficient for the number of operatives working within the enclosure and are all tested prior to use to ensure that they are fit for purpose.
Currently we set-up a Covid Safe Working station for use during enclosure construction and once existing the DCU's after work has begun.

An independent analytical company is active throughout the process both during construction and while the work is taking place.

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