Asbestos Removal Projects

Removal of asbestos pipe over main railway line


Our team undertook a meticulously planned project to remove asbestos pipework from a railway bridge during a night time closure of the main-line between Cardiff & Swansea. Several stakeholders all working as one and positive interaction with the HSE to agree the technical aspects of the project.

The scope of works consists of the safe removal and disposal of a 45m section of asbestos lagged pipe located to the north side of the Margam HALT Bridge. Glove bags were used to create 4 " Cut Points" along the section of pipe. A hammock style rig was used to support the pipe whilst the hangers and the pipe are cut and further lowered to ground level using 2 cranes for further abatement. Once at ground level, additional enclosures were constructed around the pipes to enable the asbestos lagging to be removed using wet injection methods under full enclosure and negative pressure to enable further cut points.

Work was undertaken during a short 13hr window whilst the railway line was shut down for maintenance by Network Rail. For this reason our planning work included practice runs on dummy pipework off site, and a huge amount of collaboration between the client and other contractors.

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