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MSS have the capability to project manage, supply, install and maintain physical security systems to safeguard client's sites.

MSS are consultant led security experts, security consultants have managed and overseen Security and Emergency Response at Upper Tier COMAH facilities in the UK, Europe and China. We work with clients to complete a Security Vulnerability Assessment to review existing physical security control measures and determine vulnerabilities within a facilities Security Control Measures.

Vulnerabilities can include elements such as, holes in the fence line, Security Malware disabled, physical assets not being locked away, no COVID-control, poor employee security awareness. The vulnerability assessment determines the health of security controls and identifies weaknesses that need addressing.

We then work with clients to complete a Security Risk Assessment. A matrix is utilized to quantify the Likelihood of occurrence x Severity of the impact to determine the overall Security risk level. If the residual risk, (the risk score after the existing control measures have been considered) is too high, then additional security control measures should be applied to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Developing a risk based and proportionate security strategy, supported by effective leadership structures, are essential in ensuring your facilities Security Risks are managed effectively.

The output of this assessment is a report that identifies the health of the security controls, and determines which systems are not suitable and sufficient and can be improved. MSS can then offer a range of options to improve the specific element of physical security. e.g. CCTV Systems (including temperature monitoring cameras), Access control systems to include turnstiles and badge operated door access systems, physical fences, gates, and barriers, security intruder and fire alarm system drone services. We have partnered with several providers of equipment and technologies to ensure effective and best value solutions are made available to our clients.

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