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MSS has incorporated specialist Industrial Cleaning into the services we provide to a key client expanding our service provision to a complete facilities services contract including security, office cleaning, window cleaning, waste management and industrial cleaning.

MSS have worked closely with our client to complete a thorough review of the industrial cleaning service required. We have created industrial cleaning schedules, provided details on areas to be cleaned, equipment, cleaning techniques and cleaning standards required on site.

We utilize specialist cleaning equipment to perform a whole range of technical cleaning services within our client's process areas. Some of the services we offer include high pressure jetting, drain and pit cleaning utilizing industrial vacuum systems such as DISAB, use of specialist pneumatic equipment to remove ground in contamination from process vessels and equipment.

We operate an output-based industrial cleaning regime to ensure that an acceptable quality of cleaning is maintained using resources in the most efficient way possible. Through our experience of working on site MSS have been able to predict times or situations that lead to greater fluctuations in likely patterns of cleanliness and prepare for them appropriately. Our managers undertake regular monitoring to enable them to respond quickly to any situation that requires immediate attention.

We have implemented our quality inspection programme to ensure the Industrial Cleaning standards meet and exceed expectations. Our inspection process is a three-tiered system (daily, weekly, monthly) that ensures that the inspection process is suitable and sufficient and consistent. Incorporating industrial cleaning into the services we provide has enabled us to expand our team to 60 on site. 

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