Waste Management Projects

Interceptor Inspections

Ensuring compliance with waste regulations


Our client site is off mains drains, and therefore has it's own sewage treatment plant which requires maintenance. Due to the nature of the work collaboration with the clients engineering team were critical to ensure the works were completed as planned and in accordance with environmental legislation and with safety at the forefront. Our service included:

• Cleaning and servicing of the sewage treatment plant due to the site being off mains drains.
• Carrying out electrical and mechanical checks to the pumps around site. Due to the significance of the site waste is captured when required and transferred across site with the use of pumps.
• Undertaking 5 yearly interceptor inspections, including emptying and servicing of the alarms and filters to ensure compliance.
• Drainage functionality checks. These include lifting manholes to identify if the system is working sufficiently.

Following the works we have detailed areas we believe should be looked at going forward and recommended how often these works need to be addressed. Therefore ensuring the site complies and that we are able to identify if any issues likely to cause future problems, enabling mitigation plans to be put in place.

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