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Antimicrobial Shower Innovation for NHS

An effective, simple solution to control harmful bacteria in the hospital setting

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Water Treatment


Acorn has recently introduced an innovative way of addressing Cardiff & Vale NHS Trusts concerns around control of bacteria in shower heads across the healthcare estate.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, these WRAS approved Challis Ag+ antimicrobial protected showerheads are replaced every 3 months. Colour coding is an essential part of the design, which enables swift identification of any shower heads which need to be changed over to the colour assigned to the relevant 3 month period.

Costs associated with cleaning and maintenance of showers can be significant not only in cash terms but all in resources required. The Challis Ag+ recycling scheme is quick easy and straight forward and has significantly cut these costs. Old showers are shredded, recycled and certificate of destruction issued to the NHS Trust.

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